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Accounting Services and Advisory

Our Accounting and Advisory team provides accounting, tax and regulatory advice to regulated entities by the Cyprus Central Bank, such as Electronic Money Institutions, Payment Institutions and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission such as Cyprus Investment Firms, Alternative Investment Funds.

We do have the expertise and the specialisation to support the businesses in meeting their objectives and regulatory commitments, but we may also design and provide practical solutions to resolve and develop guidance for complex transactions and issues.

Nowadays we experience a rapid change in the regulatory environment on various fields such as compliance, banking regulations and taxation across the globe. These changes require a continuous monitoring from the companies as they must evolve to adapt and stay ahead on the changes in a way to keep business in a competitive and at the same time cost efficient position.

The businesses are facing complex and challenging events such as reorganisations, financial restructuring, mergers and acquisitions. In our firm we do have the combination of skills, technical knowledge and experience as well as the international resources through are selective associates ready to advise you on the above matters.

Transaction Structuring

We provide accounting and financial reporting advice, consultation and support for complex transactions. Our team is ready to advise you on the following:

Explore ways to infiltrate and design into new business lines and develop new products within the market
Identify potential risks and opportunities in a business transaction
Facilitate the smooth execution and completion of business transaction
Provide consultation on potential exit strategies from a business transaction
Address the possible implications and impact on the financial statements of the company from the changes in the accounting standards

Accounting, Payroll and Technical Advisory

Our experienced accounting and technical staff can perform day to day support in the preparation of accounting records in accordance with the relevant regulatory body requirements as well as international financial reporting standards. We are able to examine challenging and complicated issues from all angles and provide the business with our feedback and by recommending them robust solutions. 

Our Accounting department may assist on the below:

  • Maintenance of the general ledger
  • Reconciliation and analysis of bank accounts
  • Preparation of management accounts and other reports
  • Conversion of overseas GAAP accounting records to IFRS accounting records
  • Real time review of transactions and provide advice of accounting and financial reporting matters
  • Provide consultation on accounting treatments by supporting these consultation
  • Payroll services, monthly payroll administration and execution of payments on behalf of companies
  • Advisory on payroll related matters

Advise on Group restructuring

Our people, at first, they will get to know your business and will guide you through the restructuring process, step by step, from its initiation until the final implementation step.

Due to our experience we will be able to propose a restructuring plan of your Group in the most effective and efficient manner by identifying all the weakness and areas that need improvement or strengthening.

Let’s face together these challenges and restructure in a way that will enable your business to meet its current needs and to have a Group that is in line with the new realities, regulations and challenges.

Below there are ways that we may be useful to your business:

  • Review the Group structure and its activities in order to provide advice on tax, legal and other reporting matters
  • Review of legal and other documents with the assistance of our legal support staff;
  • Provide technical guidance on ongoing issues that may arise throughout the restructuring.
  • Recommend adjustment to create an efficient and more simplified group structure that eliminates dormant or entities that have an expired life cycle, thereby reducing on-going compliance and administrative costs.
  • Ensure that the restructuring will reflect ‘best practice’ principles such as tax minimization exposure, financial reporting issues and always ensure that the restructuring will be in line with the legal framework.

Services via associates

 Our business partners work with us assisting in the implementation of more sophisticated and demanding structures and setups. We are ready to provide support and tailor made solutions for your organisation’s needs.

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