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SPL a well-established boutique firm that specialises in Tax planning and advisory. We have the know-how and experience to deal with multinational complex business challenges that go across the Cyprus boundaries by working with other selected associated professional firms of our International network.

Our approach is to promote optimum advices and solutions aiming for tax savings or to manage and mitigate tax risks connected with the clients’ business model of operations.

Our firm assisted successfully numerous clients and participated in advices in relation with tax matters involving Cyprus and other international jurisdictions. The advices that we provide are not limited only to entities, but they are also extended to their beneficial owners and their executives.

We are ready to assist you with tax compliance and managing tax risks and also provide you with advices on how to structure your cross-border transactions based on a transfer pricing study that will give your company’s the comfort about the level of profit margins that are acceptable by tax authorities across the globe.

We may assist in the following areas:

Corporate Tax

Having had experience in various industries, we are able to provide high calibre tax planning solutions and compliance services to our clients. Our aim is always on the one hand to minimise the tax exposure of our clients by ensuring that they comply with the local and international tax laws and trends and on the other to maximise the tax savings of our clients in a way to improve their cashflow.

We can help on the following areas:

  • Optimise tax charge, always in accordance with the tax legislation
  • Assist with the setup of new corporate structures and domiciliation for companies
  • Restructuring of Groups and businesses
  • Tax compliance of Companies and Permanent establishments in Cyprus
  • Advance tax rulings for companies and Permanent establishments
  • Assistance during tax inspections
  • Assistance for obtaining tax clearance certificate on liquidation and strike off

International Tax

Cyprus enjoys a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. From the ancient times, the island, was an international hub for business and trade.

Since 2004, Cyprus is a full Member of the European Union and therefore the Cyprus tax legislation is fully compliant with the EU Legislation and EU Directives and therefore the legislation is in full compliance with the code of Conduct for Business Taxation and against harmful tax competition. Cyprus features on the white List of OECD and actively adopts OECD guidance.

Our professional staff and associates can guide you and provide you with the solutions that will enable your business to keep up to date with changes on the taxation environment across the globe. We will open your horizons and spectrum of the opportunities available to you and your business in the international sphere.

How can we assist you?

  • use of Cypriot and other jurisdictions’ companies in multinational tax structures
  • use of Double Tax Treaty provisions on capital movement, fees collection, royalties, interest and dividends.
  • obtain tax rulings from the Commissioner of Income Tax to ensure the effective use of companies within Group structures.
  • Transfer Pricing studies
  • Substance crash test and advice for tax purposes
  • Relocation/ domiciliation services for companies and individuals

Private Client Services

Our portfolio of clients consists of family businesses, big corporations and high net worth individuals. The high net worth individuals are either the beneficial owners of companies themselves or executives that are relocating to Cyprus to manage foreign assets of their corporations.

We advise and assist clients on the following:

  • Securitization of assets and succession of wealth through various vehicles such as trusts
  • Income tax optimisation, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax issues with offshore residence
  • Corporate tax optimisation strategies for family companies
  • Tax planning for beneficial owners of companies
  • Tax compliance and domiciliation services

Services via associates

 Our business partners work with us assisting in the implementation of more sophisticated and demanding structures and setups. We are ready to provide support and tailor made solutions for your organisation’s needs.

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