An emerging investment fund center.

Investment Funds.

Why Investment Funds in Cyprus?
Cyprus is one of the top emerging investment fund centers in Europe.​

Cyprus in the last years has managed to become an investment fund center offering unique access to high-growth markets. Determined to stay at the forefront of industry developments and continuously upgrading its legislative and regulatory regime, Cyprus has been developed into a key regional domicile for setting up investment funds and establishing asset management companies for pan-European reach, offering investors a unique set of competitive advantages.

Cyprus has a steady funds registration flow, a testament to the important incentives and stability that the island’s economy provides to international funds. In addition, many professionals have created a support network around the registration and facilitation of investment funds and are greatly benefited from the newly submitted bills for legislation reforms in order to attract even more funds.

The Cyprus Investment Funds Association (CIFA) and CySEC (Cyprus Security Exchange Committee) as well as the Ministry of Finance have laid the foundation that enhances Cyprus’ presence as an attractive destination for international Investment Funds.

By being in line with all the latest EU regulations relating to UCITS, Alternative Investment Funds and their Managers, Cyprus is today a uniquely competitive entry point to EU regulated fund management solutions.

This regulatory environment, combined with Cyprus’s geographical location at the crossroad of three continents, is attracting investment fund promoters and specialist service providers from various parts of the world offering unique investment opportunities and specialized expertise.

The Cyprus investment funds sector is also adhering to best practice of fund investor protection and anti money-laundering policies. Its workforce is amongst the most educated and trained in the EU with a long tradition of multicultural and multilingual expertise in providing fund solutions to an international business community.

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