Audit and Assurance

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Audit and Assurance

Information is essential for the effective operation and decision making at all levels in all businesses no matter size. Decisions, on a daily basis, are based on information received or provided to the owners of companies, management team, investors, governments, regulators and other stakeholders. All the above persons need to rely on credible information and to be confident about the integrity and reliability of information.

We, at SPL Audit Cyprus Limited have designed the mechanisms and put in place procedures and methodologies in a way to add value to our clients’ reporting by providing independent audit and assurance services designed to enhance the reliability and accuracy of the information provided to the parties which require this information.

Financial Statements Audit

Credibility and reliability is added to the audited Financial Statements when reviewed by users including investors, creditors, financial institutions and other stakeholders, including the Cyprus authorities.

We may assist you in the preparation of Financial Statements, standalone and Consolidated, in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs).

The audit may be undertaken for Cyprus based companies and Groups  in order to fulfil their statutory obligations in accordance with Cyprus Companies Law(Cap.113)  but may be also provided for international Companies and Groups that want to receive assurance and audit opinion on the standalone and consolidated Financial Statements for non-statutory purposes.  

The audit methodology used by our office and audit opinion provided on the audit reports is in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA).

Assistance with business reporting

Corporate reporting is essential as it provides investors with a full perspective on business performance and financial strength of the businesses.

Every business no matter size should be able to emphasize on the important parameters of their reporting as there is a growing focus from investors, authorities, financial institutions and the regulators on those parameters. The focus should be on matters that are vital for the future, such as the business model and the long strategy for their business, rather than following a list of prescribed disclosures.

Our team of professionals will analyse in detail your business model and provide you with the necessary insights to upgrade your corporate reporting and align it with todays’ needs.

Services via associates

 Our business partners work with us assisting in the implementation of more sophisticated and demanding structures and setups. We are ready to provide support and tailor made solutions for your organisation’s needs.

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