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Substance Solutions

Substance Solutions

The international environment is more challenging and more complex than ever. The need to develop a proper structure with adequate resources for companies in low or zero tax jurisdictions becomes essential. The demand of “Substance” has significantly been increased in recent years.

On the other hand, tax authorities have become suspicious and strict against tax avoidance the last years. Many tax optimization schemes can be perceived as tax abuse or evasion due to poor implementation and lack of Tax expertise.

Our firm can ensure the proper implementation assisting with the analysis of the business structure and the setup of full substance solutions designed to the needs of the client.

Some of the substance services we offer include:

  • Registered office address
  • Rental of office space / separate offices
  • Telephone and fax line (dedicated)
  • Secretarial and administration services
  • Access to conference room and office facilities
  • Providing qualified staff
  • Managing the business of the client.

Require a substance solution? Talk to us.

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