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About SPL.

SPL Audit (Cyprus) Ltd is an independent professional services firm, based in Nicosia, the capital city and financial center of Cyprus. Our clientele consists of International Business and local Companies and High Net Wealth individuals. Our team consists of more than 20 professionals, skillful, highly trained and experienced accountants, advisors and Tax specialists. With over a decade of experience, the professionals of SPL, are ready to assist and offer their insights to enable every client to achieve its goals.

SPL Audit focuses on creating value to your organization, supporting your efforts and your goals. Standing by your side we ensure you have a live support on any move, preparing the path and let you focus on your growth journey.

Bespoke advice and variety of business services. 

Our professional team and staff share a common can-do spirit and approach clients’ matters with a positive problem-solving approach. By looking engagements on a case by case basis and from every possible angle, we ensure that we will add value to our clients. We work as a team always characterized by professionalism with the aim to ensure that we will give the necessary attention to all of our clients safeguarding the satisfaction of their needs and meeting their high expectations.

Our success factors are:
  • Provide custom made solutions for every client no matter size.
  • Building trust through the high quality of services provided 
  • Prompt reply and actions to our clients’ requests
  • Always working with qualified Chartered Accountants
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Memberships and Network.

Our firm throughout the years of operations and the valuable professional experience of our experts, has managed to build a respectable professional network around the world and also to be a proud member of global professional organisations.
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