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Tax Alert – Summary Information Table Submission

Submission of Summary Information Table of Controlled Transactions for the year 2022

On 23 February 2024, the Council of Ministers of Cyprus issued a decree providing for the extension of the deadline for submission of the 2022 Corporate Income Tax Returns (“TD4 Forms”) for taxpayers who have an obligation to submit a Summary Information Table, until 30th of November 2024.

Summary Information Table

The tax department has recently announced that, from 27th of May 2024, the Summary Information Table of Controlled Transactions will be available for electronic submission only through the Tax For All (“TFA”) portal.

Penalty for Non-Submission

As per the Assessment and Collection of Taxes Law, a penalty of €500 will be imposed for the non-submission of the Summary Information Table until the relevant deadline (i.e. 30th of November 2024).

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Our Tax Team can assist you with the preparation and submission of the Summary Information Table and the TD4 form for the year 2022. Contact us here.

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