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Doing business in Cyprus is easy since the country’s Legal and Regulatory framework, banking sector, along with various privileges for support different kinds of organisations like tech businesses or Maritime to settle and grow in a stable and fertile environment. The high level of skilled human talent constitutes one of Cyprus most compelling advantages, complemented by a broad range of high quality professional services. Cyprus ranks among the best places to build a business in the world.

Cyprus offers one of the most attractive tax regimes in Europe, fully compliant with EU, OECD and international laws and regulations.

Some of the main benefits  for companies are the low corporate tax 12.5%,  dividend participation exemption,  no capital gains tax and many other exemptions. In addition Cyprus has a very well attractive personal Tax legislation allowing professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world to choose to relocate to the island.

Investment opportunities in Real estate, Energy, Hospitality, Health and Technology.

Cyprus constitutes today a success story for the EU, a fact enhanced by continuous upgrades from credit rating agencies, such as Standard & Poor’s, Fitch and Moody’s. By continuously enhancing and developing key economic sectors, introducing structural changes and important reductions in expenses and operational costs, Cyprus has regained its credibility and reinforced its competitiveness as an attractive investment destination offering numerous opportunities and potential.

Low crime levels, 340 days of sunshine, centuries of art and culture, and a unique Mediterranean gastronomy all contribute to a high quality of life. Safety is amongst the biggest advantages of Cyprus, which has been ranked the safest smaller country in Value Penguin’s Safest Countries in the world (2015) and fifth worldwide.

Accession to European Union and adoption of Euro has launched a new era of opportunities for Cyprus Companies and Cyprus Economy. New funding opportunities have been arisen from European funds to support Cyprus Companies. In addition, Cyprus is established as an ideal location for inbound and outbound investments in the EU. 

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