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Cyprus Maritime growth and development over the years.

The data showing the course of the Cyprus maritime over the last years is interesting and very positive.

The Cyprus Maritime State Department, recently published data showing the development and the course of the Cyprus maritime registry. The registry has started in 1963 reaching the impressive number of registered vessels 2.750 vessels in 1997.Have a look at the stats below.

Development of the Cyprus Maritime registry 1963-2019

According to the stats, the vessels registry has shown an increase of 1.27% the last year (1.743 ships), and an important 2.65% increase on the total Tonnage. Cyprus at the moments -according to the stats – hosts 24.586,855 tons. Last year the number was 23.957,129 tons. According to the above stats table, is obvious that the Cyprus maritime tonnage system is having a growth course since 2007. The record was back in 2000 were the registry reached the number of 2.750 vessels and the total tonnage system at 28 million tons.

Shipping companies registered to Cyprus Tax Department.

The operating shipping companies with employees, registered in Cyprus for 2019 are 220, and along with the Ship managing and Ship Charterers the number is more than 300 companies. Cyprus Maritime State Department is enhancing its efforts to keep Cyprus a competitive destination for Ship Owners , Charterers and Managers. Is very important that Cyprus has been re-elected in the board of International Maritime Organisation, classifying Cyprus at the fourth place.

Also Cyprus has managed to renew the Tonnage Tax system agreement for the next 10 years (January 2020 – December 2020)

Cyprus Maritime conference 2019.

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