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10, January 2014
Increase in Cyprus VAT rates The standard VAT rate increases from 18% to 19% from 13 January 2014. The reduced VAT rate of 8% increases to 9% from 13 January 2014 onwards. All the other reduced VAT rates of 5% remains unchanged...
08, January 2014
The first Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Lithuania was signed on the 21 June 2013. The provisions of the Double Tax Treaty will not be effective until the Treaty is ratified by both Cyprus and Lithuania...
13, December 2013
Cyprus extends its Treaty network and offers new investment opportunities. On 1st January 2014, new Double Tax Treaties with Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine will come into effect. The main provisions of these Treaties are summarized below...
05, July 2013
On the 4th July 2013 the Ukrainian Parliament ratified the convention on the avoidance of double taxation and preventing income tax evasion protocol with Cyprus. The ratification of the new Double Tax Convention was supported by 244 members of the parliament...
20, April 2013
Recent changes in Cyprus tax laws On the 18 April 2013, the Cyprus Parliament voted for a number of new laws which are in accordance with the provisions of the loan agreement agreed for the bailout of Cyprus economy by Troika institutions and the Republic of Cyprus...
14, February 2013
Tax Residency   Effective management and control must be exercised in Cyprus.     Management and Control   OECD term followed-Factors into consideration for maintaining substance The composition of the Board of Directors...

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